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  • Daniel Berthiaume & Justin Laudano

10 Best Super Bowl's of the decade

1. The most riveting 10's Super Bowl was the Atlanta Falcons versus the New England Patriots, coming in at the No. 1 spot for this list. The game, up until the final moments, was a satisfying breath of fresh air for anyone who wasn't a devout Patriots fan. We had had enough of those blasted Patriots winning over and over and over again. It was becoming tiring and redundant. Although this game proved itself to be no different by the end, there was a good amount of time where Atlanta had an 18 point lead and celebrations had begun. Even if the ending was disappointing, watching the Patriots make a record comeback was so exciting that the final moments were some of the most intense in Super Bowl history. Overall, it was an entertaining and standout night, which is why it's our No. 1 Super Bowl for this decade.

2. Who turned out the lights? That's right, our No. 2 rated Super Bowl of the decade is the 2013 matchup between the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Baltimore Ravens. Infamous for its third-quarter power outage, this Super Bowl was full of riveting lead changes, high profile players, and hard hitting defensive plays. Colin Kapernick, who replaced Alex Smith as the starter. This was also a farewell game for NFL linebacking legend Ray Lewis. Despite Lewis's controversial past, he and the Ravens were able to ride off into the sunset.

3. In a heated Northern team game with oodles of passion and rivalry, the Eagles had an epic victory against the Patriots, upsetting them 41- 33. However, both teams played exceedingly well and were consistent with scoring, with the score at the end of the third quarter a tight 29-26. The Patriots were in the lead for a small amount of time in the 4th quarter. It was an intense game throughout and seeing Philadelphia beat the champions of the NFL was a huge payoff.

4. Our No. 4 spot belongs to a Super Bowl matchup between two of the most historic franchises in NFL history- the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. This game was dominated by Green Bay in the first half, as future hall of famer Aaron Rodgers threw a 29 yard touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson and Nick Collins picked off Big Ben for a 37 yard pick six. However, Pittsburgh's resiliency would define this Superbowl, as the Steelers went on to score 15 unanswered points in the second half, cutting the lead to 28-25. Green Bay would go on to claim the title and celebrate with cheese heads everywhere.

5. Coming in at the middle of our list at No. 5 is the 2015 Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl. Both were well established teams: the Seahawks had won the year before, and well, do I really need to explain the Patriots? It was a game of champions and it was an exciting one too, coming in at a close 28-24 New England victory that was uncertain almost the entire game. It's a typical 2010's Super Bowl in hindsight, but it still provided some quality playing and entertainment.

6. The Rematch. After four years of trying to figure out how David Tyree managed to catch an uncatchable ball in 2008, Tom Brady was poised to have his revenge in 2012. The Giants were underdogs once again and once again they rose to the challenge. On a last second drive by the Giants, Mario Manningham managed to complete an incredible catch almost millimeters from being called out of bounds. Not only did David manage to slay Goliath, but in the exact same manner...twice.

7. Our seventh spot goes to the unextraordinary and mostly boring New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts game. The New Orleans Saints came through victorious with a 31-17 defeat. There were definitely some surprising moments, such as the onside kick at halftime. The intensity was high when the score had one point between the two teams as well. However, compared to other Super Bowls, the match was redundant, especially towards the end of the game, when it became easy to see that the Saints had a victory in their hands.

8. The Blowout. This game was over before it started, but there was just something incredibly satisfying about watching Peyton Manning getting tossed around for four hours. The Denver Broncos came into the game with a "mile high" ego, as they produced a record breaking offense in the regular season. These statistics failed to scare Seattle's young and hungry defense, as they began the game with one safety, forced four fumbles, and two interceptions. The final score was 43-8, pushing this Super Bowl towards the bottom of our rankings.

9. Coming at No. 9, rightfully towards the bottom of our list, is the dreadful Panthers vs Broncos game, in which the Broncos defeated the Panthers 24 to 10. This also marked the official forgoeing of Roman numerals due to the milestone 50th year, and thus the NFL decided to make it a number instead of a numeral. The Broncos kept a wide lead over the Panthers. This caused the game to be relatively boring and hard to watch. Overall, it wasn't an amazingly well played or high scoring game, which is why it clocks in near the bottom of our list.

10. The Snoozer. In the most recent Super Bowl, the New England Patriots and the LA Rams might as well have sang the world a lullaby, as the two teams managed to punt the ball a combined 14 times. Despite the Rams coming into the game with one of the best offenses and the Patriots with The GOAT, Tom Brady, this game could not have been less interesting. With a final score of 13 -3 in favor of the Patriots, this Super Bowl is by far the worst of the decade (unless you are a big fan of punting).


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