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  • Charlie Trovini

Cento Poem

Where there is neither sense of life or joys (1)

The heart beats in its cage (2)

The great darkness, grown motherly, (3)

Consentingly denied (4)

Ambitions and pretensions I invoke (5)

I come to you to be made whole (6)

But the devils all moved forward too (7)

Let them escort me, be my host (8)

And then fall out with me (9)

While you hang me out to dry (10)

A shadow darkens my sight (11)

I move then, blind as a stick, a stone (12)

Leaving a trail of tears (13)

To palliate the horrors of the years (14)

On through this limbo without end (15)

And as I breathe my last (16)

You lock the door and throw away the key; (17)

I’ve been buried in a heart-shaped box (18)

Bolted down forevermore (19)

Into the living sea of waking dreams (1)

  1. John Clare — I Am

  2. Julian Casablancas — Heart In a Cage

  3. Jorge Guillen — I Want To Sleep

  4. Lope de Vega Carpio — The Knight of Olmedo

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  18. Kurt Cobain — Heart-Shaped Box - Demo

  19. Ralph Waldo Emerson — The Past


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