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  • Jack Ryan

An electric car that is worth the hype

Today I’m going to review a Tesla Model Y. I have experience with this car because my mom’s work owns a Tesla Model Y that she uses.

The pluses about the Tesla for me is that it's electric and we have a convenient charging station at home. However, it's expensive and because of Elon Musk’s ownership it can be controversial. Also, I can’t forget the one time we missed a Tesla supercharger and we ran out of charge when we were close to home so we had to have my dad pick us up in another car and call a tow truck to take the Tesla to our driveway and charge it. It's also harder to find superchargers than it is to find gas stations.

That being said, for me, I prefer riding in a Tesla. I might have to charge the car a lot but other than that maybe I can convince my mom to make the car be in “cheetah mode” (see video below).

Arguments against Teslas- Answered

  • Too expensive: You are paying for high quality. Teslas are getting expensive due to their high quality materials, cutting-edge technology and additional service and repair investments. Also there are ways to save- you don’t need to pay for gas and have fewer car repairs.

  • I don’t want to support Elon Musk: Tesla customers might not like Musk but the cars are still good so people should buy them. Also, Musk’s failures at Twitter are making us forget about the success of Tesla.

  • Not enough chargers: This is a real problem but Tesla is working hard with companies to provide more stations. They are making 33 percent more superchargers per every year.

What should should customers consider:

I think it would be great for people who don't like getting gas in their car because you need to pay for gas but you don’t need to pay for charging. I think it wouldn’t be great for people who travel far away because you need to make a lot more charging stops.

Bonus features of the Tesla Model Y:

  • While waiting for the Tesla to charge you have your own video screen that you can use to watch any streaming service on it, being entertained while you refuel.

  • You can name your Tesla too, for example, my mom and I named our Tesla “Mavis”.

I would rate the Tesla Model Y ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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