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  • Mary Ann Clark

Cristian Cadwell’s “Unsolved” Story

Congratulations to Cristian! His story, “The Puppeteer,” was chosen to be included in Unsolved–A Crime of Fiction. Unsolved is a collection of stories by student authors to be published by Young Writers, a company that promotes writing and literacy. Cristian entered the 100-word contest with a story inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Tell-Tale Heart.” Over 8,000 entries were received by Young Writers, three of whom will eventually win a monetary award for their writing. Look for Unsolved in the Oxford Academy library sometime in 2022. Well done, Cristian!

The Puppeteer

by Cristian Cadwell

He had taken control of my mind. My body moved of its own accord as I watched helplessly. I grabbed a knife and walked out of my front door, moving robotically down the street, the whole time struggling to stop. I saw myself, as if through a haze, enter the man’s home. The lights in the living room were on and I realized what He intended. I was going to kill someone. I tried to call out. As I walked in and brought the knife down, I saw the puppeteer laughing madly from the corner of my eye.


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