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  • Noah Lau

Decrease Gun Access

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

If there's one thing that Americans can agree on, it is that gun violence in schools is unacceptable and change needs to happen. School shootings have haunted students and their families since the first known school shooting on July 26th, 1764 when four American Indians walked into a schoolhouse in Greencastle Pennsylvania and killed the professor and 10 students. Ever since then school shootings have become more frequent.

There are solutions to this issue that should never happen or even be a thought. Guns are too easy to get, even though laws attempt to make it very difficult to bypass, there are always ways to finesse the system. On January 14th 2014, a 12 year old in New Mexico injured two classmates and a staff member with a shotgun. A 12 year old should never be able to get their hands on a weapon and adults with children in their homes should be required to have a gun safe as one suggestion. Laws regarding possession of firearms need to be tougher and make people think twice before they break the law. Fines must be increased and the gun purchasing age set to 21 in every state.

There no drawbacks of making the age requirement higher. You need a permit before having the opportunity to buy a gun in the first place, and making the permit harder to get will help. Making a permit more difficult to get will cause a stir in the gun community, but at the end of the day there will be less guns, decreasing threats to a serious issues in American Schools.


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