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  • Olin Rubinow

Elusive Creature Under Rug

Citation:“Write a poem about a man trying to crush a mysterious creature under his rug with a chair”. ChatGPT, 12 May. version, OpenAI, 18 May. 2023,

In a dimly lit room, where shadows dance,

A man with a purpose, an anxious stance.

Beneath his rug, a secret lurks,

A creature unknown, its presence irks.

He grasps a chair, sturdy and strong,

Determined to end the mystery's song.

With trembling hands, he takes a stand,

To crush the creature, to make it disband.

His heart races wild, his mind fraught,

As he battles the fear that he's caught.

For beneath that rug, a darkness lies,

Unveiling secrets, unveiling cries.

The creature, elusive, remains unseen,

Its presence felt, like a sinister dream.

He swings the chair, with all his might,

Desperate to vanquish the shadows of the night.

But with every blow, the rug does yield,

As the creature mocks, refusing to yield.

It slithers and twists, avoiding the strike,

A game of hide-and-seek, a never-ending hike.

The man grows weary, his spirits low,

As the creature taunts, with an eerie glow.

Its eyes gleam with an ancient grace,

A riddle unsolved, a puzzle to embrace.

The chair falls, exhausted and worn,

The man, defeated, feeling forlorn.

He kneels on the floor, surrendering his fight,

To understand the creature, to bring it to light.

For under that rug, a lesson resides,

A metaphor woven, where truth abides.

The creature, mysterious, is his own inner self,

An enigma untamed, seeking spiritual wealth.

Instead of crushing, he learns to explore,

The depths within, his fears he'll adore.

No chair can conquer what's meant to be,

But embracing the shadows sets his spirit free.

In that dimly lit room, he finds his grace,

Accepting the creature, its elusive face.

For within the darkness, there lies a treasure,

A journey of self, beyond measure.

So let the rug lie, no need to despair,

Embrace the mystery, for it's everywhere.

Crush not the creature, but learn from its flight,

And dance with shadows, under moonlit night.

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