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  • Taylor Sahl

Faculty Spotlight - Mr. Eastman

Connor Eastman is one of the newest members of the Oxford community. He joined us this year as a Math teacher and Dorm Master in Lind Hall, and in a short time he has become a vital and fun member of our OA family!

Favorite spot on campus? Opatrny Dining Hall and the gym. There is nothing better than coming from a nice game of pickup basketball with the boys to a fresh cooked meal from Chef Dave.

A favorite project you've done with the students? The design challenge video was a lot of fun to do with the students. We came up with some pretty funny ideas.

Favorite meal from Chef Dave? Orange Chicken

Moment when you first realized Oxford is a special Place? My first day of school at the faculty meeting. Everyone was extremely nice, and made sure I felt part of the community.

Something that makes you proud to be an Oxford Teacher? Seeing how all of our staff works together to educate and motivate our boys to get the most out of them. Oxford is truly a special community and I am proud to be a part of it.

If you werent a teacher at OA, what would your other career be? If I was about 5 inches taller I would be starting in the NFL.


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