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  • Taylor Sahl

Faculty Spotlight - Mr. Switaj

Mr. Switaj has been at Oxford for 8 years. We all know him as a social studies teacher, dorm master, weekend events coordinator, Renaissance fair guru, and D&D game master, but today we are going to share a bit more as he answers some of our questions.

Best spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is the gym. I try to shoot hoops and be active as much as I can.

A favorite project you’ve done with students? Re-created a portion of the Great Wall of China using Minecraft. Any way to make video gaming a learning experience, I am all in!

Favorite meal from Chef Dave? Chicken pot pie and biscuits, hands down.

Moment when you first realized Oxford is a special place? I realized Oxford was special when I met all of the faculty and staff here. I have never seen a more driven, passionate group of educators in my life. Their commitment to their students and personalities made it way easier to fit in and be myself. They motivate me everyday.

Something that makes you proud to be an Oxford teacher? Seeing how we reach our students to motivate themselves, to become curious about the world around them, to pursue futures that they are genuinely excited about, and to know that mistakes are one of life’s best learning tools.

Any pets/kids?: A great dog named Enzo and my twin sons, Theo and Luke, were born on Easter morning 2020.

Something that recently made you laugh? My sons attempting to eat scrambled eggs for the first time, still cleaning it off their high chairs.

Favorite local spot in CT?? Louie’s Lunch and House of Naan, two great New Haven restaurants.

A strategy for getting students interested in class? Using my brain helmet to detect brain waves in Psychology. I feel like Professor X from the X-Men with that thing on.

If you weren’t a teacher at OA, what your other career might be? Chef or owner of a food truck.


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