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  • Rick Westbrook

Food recycling

There is a large amount of trash that is food materials that wastes energy, nutrients, money, and greenhouse gases. The science department decided to see if there was something that could be done to capture this waste and help the environment. Here is what they came up with to make a positive change for the Earth.

The students and staff at Oxford are starting a food recycling program. In the dining hall, a new blue barrel has been added to receive the compostable materials that are produced during meals and break. The barrels were supplied by the Blue Earth company and will be picked up once a week. Then, Blue Earth will transport the barrels to Quantum Biopower in Southington, CT where the waste will be digested anaerobically to produce collectable methane gas and compost material which is used for soil enrichment and animal bedding.

This should address the waste of energy and nutrients contained in the food and other compostable materials we dispose of each day. Hopefully, we can make this work and help save the planet. If we have success here, we may be able to convince other local schools to do the same and expand our Earth saving efforts.


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