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  • Noah Lau

Integrity in Us

According to Webster's online dictionary, integrity has three different meanings. The first is "a firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values or incorruptibility." Integrity is something that you are not given but integrity is something you develop through life. The integrity that you have today has to do with how you were raised, your childhood, your current and past friends, and your family. Integrity is something that the world needs whether the world realizes or not, humanity depends on others integrity throughout the day and life itself. For example, according to Psychology Today parents should apologize to their kids more often, especially when they over punish or yell at them. "Like animals, small children make easy targets. They're physically vulnerable by size and stature, and they're emotionally vulnerable because they don't yet have the cognitive capacity to understand the complexities of life" (Meyers). When parents apologize, even though it is not "needed", they are modeling integrity. When kids have parents who apologize to their kids they are more likely to be more sympathetic and learn to apologize when they make a mistake, it is like a hamster wheel, it is necessary for us to get off and change the direction it's going.

Integrity in today's world is rare and not found too often. When conducting business deals it used to be verbally with a handshake, instead today you see two people signing a document to make sure one doesn't back out. Integrity has become noticeably less common and trust between fellow humans disappear. Even though society praises integrity and that every human being should follow it, kids might grow up without learning about integrity therefore don't have it, there are many things that make a human being have or not have integrity. examining specific examples of integrity to identify how integrity in the past and integrity in present and ultimately in the future.

Integrity is not just shown and represented in reality but the theme is often represented in novels and films all around us. In the Novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the main character Huck Finn helps Jim the slave become a free man. Even though he could be caught and possibly disowned by the southern society and God. Or in the short film Bus 44 when the young man attempts to help the young woman being raped on the side of the road. She later kicks him off the bus and ultimately crushes the bus killing all passengers.

Humanity depends on the Integrity of others around us. Although integrity is usually through adults or older people who affect the youth, are the ones to determine if they have integrity or not based on the way they are raised and how they grow up.


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