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  • Zack Hayden


“Cento”: a poetic form dating back thousands of years. The term “cento” references the Latin word for “patchwork”. The cento poem is sometimes referred to as a “patchwork” poem and is formed by the poet creating a new poem using lines from poems by other poets.

Cento poem below:

  1. Wake Up Poem- Andreas from the Wake Up Community

  2. Blake Griffin Dunks Over A Car- Matthew Olzmann

  3. Style- Howard Nemerov

  4. Subtraction Forever- Bernd Sauermann

  5. Shine, Perishing Republic- Robinson Jeffers

  6. Crusoe in England- Elizabeth Bishop

  7. The Anthropocene Reviewed- John Green

  8. And I Thought of Glass Flowers- A.V. Christie

  9. Song of Myself, 25 Walt Whitman

  10. Citizen- Claudia Rankine

  11. The Fifth Hour of the Night- Frank Bidart

  12. America- Ginsberg

  13. The Antique Blacks- Adrian Matejka

  14. Entreaty- Catherine Pierce

  15. Scream- Lia Purpura

  16. All the Fierce Tethers- Lia Purpura


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