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  • Mary Ann Clark

Oxford Nation Gives Back

Oxford Nation is Oxford Academy’s student-led philanthropic club that coordinates charitable donations made by the Oxford community. This year, Oxford Nation is pleased to announce that two student members--Charlie Trovini and Espoir Kamanzi--are leading the club. Recently, they talked about why they chose to be part of Oxford Nation. Charlie explained it this way: "Oxford Nation allows me to play a role in giving back to my community, which brings me joy. I am very proud of all of the money we have raised for charity and am always motivated to make each week's fundraiser as successful as the last." Espoir’s response was equally inspiring: "Part of being a person is about helping others. I joined Oxford Nation because it makes me feel like I am living my life dream: helping and reaching out to people, and through that, l find my reason to live.”

Espoir and Charlie lead the weekly Oxford Nation meetings, during which students learn about charitable groups that provide assistance to those in need. Members vote on which organizations to support through school dress down donations. Students who have attended multiple meetings this year include Alec Nshunguyinka, Ethan Ruta, Elia Bemporad-Fishman, and Danny Hein. While Ms. Vaughn is on leave, the club is moderated by Mr. Cartier and Ms. Clark.

Donations collected by Oxford Nation serve local, national, and international organizations. Last week, $100 was raised for the Alzheimer’s Association as part of a fundraiser coordinated by Westbrook High School senior Jami Sacco. Early in October, $185 was collected for The Valley Stands Up Refugee Project, a local volunteer group preparing a home for an Afghan refugee family that will soon arrive in Connecticut. Other donations this term were made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation ($60), granting wishes to young people coping with serious illnesses; the Didier Drogba Foundation ($50), an African charity that provides education and health care to children and families in poverty; and World Central Kitchen’s Haiti Project ($52), providing meals to victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Members of Oxford Nation feel fortunate to be part of a group that gives back to others. The work they do together supports their commitment to make a positive difference--in their school, in the local community, and in the world. If you’d like to join or learn more about Oxford Nation, come to the weekly Wednesday meeting in the dining hall during break, or ask Espoir, Charlie, Mr. Cartier, or Ms. Clark.

Oxford Nation members meet to talk about charitable fundraising and to give WHS senior Jami Sacco a $100 check from the Oxford community for the Alzheimer’s Association. From left to right: Ethan Ruta, Jami Sacco, Charlie Trovini, Espoir Kamanzi, and Alec Nshunguyinka. (photo by Mr. Sahl)


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