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  • Bailin Pollard

Oxford's Newest Residents

Oxford Academy is abuzz about our new, insectoid friends and the folks at True Blue couldn't BEE more excited! With their installation not long after break, the bees are still making themselves at home in their hives. Located near the maintenance shack, these white boxes are home to hundreds of furry, adorable honey bees. These guys work their butts off, I mean, literally, they start to lose body tissue from wear and tear, especially on their lower half. Not to mention, the majority of them, workers, spend their whole life working. Now, here at oxford, we love analogies, right? So! The drones are bees that spend their whole lives dedicated to the queen, taking care of her, feeding her and generally doting on her. Now I'm not saying any names, but it seems like a certain dog that rhymes with lorenzo has the whole school in his paw. Maybe he has secret pheromones, huh? Did you know that bees also communicate by dancing? Right? Just imagine those little guys jamming to "Night Moves", but they're actually saying, "Did you hear that jerry died last week? He forgot to take the safety off his stinger and it was too late." just imagine them dancing to BEEthoven but they're actually saying "gee, sure is dark out for this time of year" I can't get enough of it! Hit up Mr. Maragliano if you want any real information.


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