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  • Max Lakntz

Sundial Project

I will be using the skills I have learned in various mathematics courses to construct a functioning horizontal sundial which will become part of the campus. The sundial was invented way before the start of recorded history and was used to tell time. The sundial would work by having a shadow be cast upon a specific area for whatever time of the day it was.

The earliest sundials we have found evidence of existed during the year 3500 BCE, and were built by the Egyptians. The sundial I am building relies on the same principle that these ancient sundials. or 'shadow docks," relied on. Mine will just look a bit more modern.

The main thing needed to build an accurate sundial is a basic understanding of the trigonometric functions of sine, cosine, and tangent. These allow you to determine the angles of the hour markers on the sundial. The angles for a sundial vary, based on your latitude.

The sundial will be made out of wood and the gnomon, which is the thing that casts the shadow will be some sort of metal, as will the numbers.

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