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  • Phil Cocchiola

The Father Has Departed

With the absence of the father,

the truth comes to bear,

shadows surround him,

overcoming him with fear,

With regret, he grasps the mantle,

its weight heavy with grief,

family and friends console him,

but for him, there is no relief,

A part of him is missing,

never to return,

the father has departed,

yet so much left to learn,

More questions than answers,

still images trouble his mind,

found memories recalling,

yet peace he cannot find,

The son is now the father,

and all that entails,

he prays that he is worthy,

afraid that he will fail,

But the father was a master,

and taught his lessons well,

the heart may someday heal,

only time will tell.

The son is now the father.

Mr. Cocchiola was a winner of the Poetry Contest for Term V.

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