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Trout Tank Projects

During Term IV students were tasked with designing trout tanks. Below are some of those projects.

The Air-Aquarium is the first and only aquarium in the world designed in the shape of an Airplane. It has all the parts of a plane in a transparent form so that the fish can be seen swimming all around the plane. The plane is filled with fresh tropical water. It is colorful with rare plants and river rocks inside. The Air-quarium is also the first electric airplane and functions as a real airplane.

- Kenneth Kanuma

My tank would be enclosed within a tree trunk with a panoramic glass viewing section. It would have ferns emerging from the roots and vines dangling from the tank that doubles as cables and pipes. I would stock the tank with 1 Bristlenose pleco, 3 mollys, and 3 guppies. - Eli Farar

What sets my tank apart from the rest is many things. The first is its appearance, decore and extreme detail for every element of the tank. It features real combat used Sherman M4 tank where we have removed the cabin and kept the turret and tracks which are functionally separated with this we have not spared a single part where as you can see we have still got the M1919 browning 30 caliber machine gun on the turret as well as the functioning hatch with episcopes and the most important barrel which has been deactivated for transport but it has its original paint rifling and gun powder to keep the character of the barrel. The tracks feature their origin tread as well as their original paint and functioning mechanisms but within the traces, we have sneakily fitted in all of the components for the saltwater tank to function, featuring microalgae, heaters, protein skimmers, sumps, food storage and even external power sources so even in a powercut the tank will keep going.  This is all contained and out of sight to not take away from the display itself. Another feature that differentiates us from the rest of the crowd is the environment that we give the fish. We bring the same environment that our fish would encounter if they were in the wild.  This is live rock and coral from the specific place that our fish are from as well as the same food that they would eat in the wild, this is to make the fish seem as comfortable and stress-free as possible but at the same keeping the beauty of the tank at the best it possibly can do. - Charlie Fane

If I had an infinite budget to build a dream shark tank I would pick a 500,000,000 gallon tank that could fit my pet blacktip reef sharks, pilot fishes, puffer fish, sea slugs, and butterfly fish comfortably.The reason I would put multiple black tip reef sharks with pilot fish is because black tip reef shark hunt in packs and pilot fish are known to be friends with the blacktip reef shark as the pilot fish swims aside the shark and eats the scraps when the sharks are done hunting. I would choose a 500,000,000 gallon tank so that my sharks would have plenty of room to swim around as the black tip reef shark can swim up to 25 mph. The puffer fish, sea slugs, and butterfly fish would need to be replaced every once in a while as the blacktip reef shark is an apex predator and loves to eat puffer fish, sea slugs, and butterfly fish. -Quinn Strauss 


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