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  • Michael Kebede

Under the Rug

The Knight family lived in a cozy little house. They were a happy family, but something seemed off about their home. The living room rug always had a mystery lump under it, no matter how frequently they swept and cleaned.

They at first assumed it was just a lost toy or a crumpled piece of paper. They would then pull the rug and get rid of the lump, only to discover it again a few days later. Even though it seemed weird, the family didn't give it much thought. They assumed it was just a quirk of their old, creaky house.

Naomi, a curious little girl, decided to investigate. She lifted the rug and peeled back layers of padding. To her surprise, Naomi found a small trapdoor hidden beneath the rug. She pulled on the door, and it creaked open, revealing a hidden compartment.

Inside the compartment, Naomi found a dusty old diary. The diary belonged to the home's previous owners, who left it after selling the property. The diary contained the story of a family that had lived in the house many years ago. They had been a happy family too, but they had a secret.

The family had a son who was disabled, and they had kept him hidden away in a secret room beneath the living room. In an effort to keep their plan a secret, they had covered the trapdoor with a rug. Naomi was shocked and saddened by the story. she figured out that weird bump under the rug was actually a hidden memory of a family's tragedy.

The family decided to honor the memory of the hidden son by turning the secret room into a playroom for Naomi. They removed the rug and installed a trapdoor that could be easily opened. They promised never to let anything be hidden under the rug again.

From then on, the family lived happily in their little house. Still, they always remembered the family's story that came before them. They realized that sometimes, hidden secrets should be brought to light to be acknowledged and honored.

Mr. Kebede was one of the winner's of the Short Story Contest for Term V.


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