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  • Max Bonchek

Update from Oxford Nation

The Oxford Nation collects money for dress down days and then donates the money raised to a variety of organizations that support causes both locally and internationally. Our donations this school year began internationally because as school started there were devastating hurricanes that hit islands, such as Puerto Rico and Barbuda. We chose to donate to All Hands Volunteers, which is a United States based non-profit organization. They provide both immediate and long term relief to places damaged by natural disasters. We raised about $121 over two Fridays. Oxford Nation next decided to donate some local organizations, such as the town Westbrook, to help families in need of heating their homes. As winter came we believed that having a warm house was important. Ultimately we donated $50 towards Fuel Funds The Town. Overall Oxford Nation raised $1494.04 this school year. An accomplishment like this should not go unrecognized. Oxford Nation continues to raise money for distribution towards good causes and we hope to continue this growth so that our amount of donation can also grow. We are always looking for more members. It's free to join and you could be helping other communities.


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