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  • Taylor Sahl

Welcome Mr. Celetano

Please welcome to our new Italian and English teacher, Mr. Celentano!

As an undergraduate at Elon University, Joseph extensively studied History, Italian, and English. Within the discipline Joseph has spent time reading works from authors like Orwell and Hemingway while also short stories and novels from time periods like the U.S. Civil War and Victorian Era. Joseph was also provided the opportunity to study the Italian language as well as Mediterranean culture through Elon and intends to bring the literature into the classroom. Following his time in college, Joseph moved to Charleston, SC where he worked as a research assistant for a project about grassroots activism in South Carolina. In this time he was exposed to the works of Southern Authors like Julia Mood Peterkin. When not teaching English or Italian Joseph can be found on campus as a Lind Hall dorm parent or off-campus going on hikes with his dog, kayaking, or simply enjoying being close to the water.


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