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  • Charles Kuhns

What To Look For When Viewing Artwork

Most people of my age now don't really know how to look at art properly. They would probably dislike the art because it is not of their taste. Nowadays, people look at artworks in museums or just schools to study them. The Louvre has one of the most famous artwork ever known which is the Mona Lisa. There are two things artworks show to the viewer, such as showing the action and the meaning of it. For example, Napoleon crossing the St. Bernard Pass (see image), in this artwork he is riding a horse showing that he is the leader of the soldiers that are behind him. The colors are presented in mostly dark or light. If there is a part of the painting that is dark it means the artist may not want you to focus on there too much. Where there is brightness, it means it is the most important part of the painting.



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